Mind & Body Discussing the Menu…Literally

I wasn’t always like this.  I used to eat meat (albeit over 15 years ago), I used to eat processed foods, fast food, non-organic produce and dairy.  When people ask me why I became a Vegan in the past I’ve found myself at a loss for an explanation.  Is it the animals?  Well yes, partly – I can’t stand the thought of how they are disrespected and brutalized unnecessarily for the food industry but I think the real reason is that through years of meditation and yoga, I’ve made a deep connection between my body, mind and soul.  I still fall off the wagon from time to time but quite rarely and really only for a moment because the truth is that I feel better when I eat whole foods.

The whole point of eating is to nourish our bodies.  I’m not sure where this fell of the rails in society.  If we stripped away everything, all the fast food restaurants and all the junk that’s found on grocery store shelves and just listened to our bodies, we would begin to hear the subtle but clear voice emerge.  Hunger can be very specific in its language.  It’s a symbiotic conversation between body and mind.  Ideally, the body asks for nourishment to feed it at a cellular level so that it can strengthen, flourish, heal and grow and the mind manifests the food that is required. Somehow we’ve strayed from this very primal conversation.  Some never even got a chance to have the conversation in the first place because parents can inadvertently force a pattern of literal ignorance.

If we continue to feed our bodies with refined sugar diets, pesticide laced produce, flavour enhancers like MSG, preservatives and artificial colours; our bodies will eventually stop telling us what it needs because frankly, it doesn’t trust that we’ll provide any of it.  Pretty soon, the mind operates in isolation and responds to bright colours, convenience, emotional satisfaction and initial taste senses to drive the choices of food consumption. This disconnect in the long term, can trigger all sorts of eating disorders leading to malnutrition, depression, obesity, organ failures and cancers.

It only takes a couple of weeks to develop the relationship between body and mind.   Quiet the mind and listen just listen to when the body calls for food.  Like a baby so naturally and automatically demanding food from its parents, our body cries to us.  Why would we feed ourselves at any other age any differently (in terms of wholesomeness) than how we would feed a baby?

Relationships take time to cultivate but they are always worth the effort.  Relationships are based on trust, love and giving.  What better relationship to nurture than the one between your mind and your body?


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