Reasons to Love Drinking Water…

Most of us live in a state of dehydration without detecting our own thirst.  Our bodies are made up of over 75% water and it’s clear that we need it to survive.  Throughout the years we’ve been introduced to so many different options for drink and it’s put water on a shelf.  We often reach for cans, bottles or mugs of torque’d liquids because they promise to go above and beyond the simple task of quenching thirst.  In some cases, thirst isn’t even a motivating factor for the filling of a coffee cup or the cracking open of a can of pop.

Having worked extensively on different organs through the art of yoga, it’s so clear how essential water is to the cleansing process.  I tell my students to drink plenty of water after our classes and to try to get into the habit of drinking half their body weight in fluid ounces (a guideline I heard through schooling).  It’s an easy equation and it works as a great rule of thumb.

Here are some facts about drinking water:

  • As we get older our ability to detect thirst before it’s too late becomes weaker – getting into a habit is key.
  • Water helps the kidney do its fascinating job of flushing through toxins and eliminating waste from the body.
  • Water revitalizes your skin, hair and nails.
  • We use up about 4 cups of water a day simply through the act of breathing
  • Proper hydration keeps us alert and responsive
  • Drinking water can help cushion and lubricate your joints and muscles
  • Water helps maintain regularity
  • Prevent bloating and helps offset high sodium intakes
  • Reduces the risk of disease and infection

If you’re worried about the BPAs in plastic water bottles, you can try buying glass bottled water or drinking filtered water.  To train myself to drink the proper levels, I cheated and bought the huge liter bottles.  This way I always knew how much I drank and was able to get into the habit.

To keep hydrated here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Drink clear broths for lunch
  • Take a water bottle with you in the car and anywhere else you might go
  • Make drinking water a ritual – a glass of water when you wake in the morning is an excellent cleansing habit
  • While drinking, visualize nourishment and the same sentiment you get when you provide your plants with water
  • Invest in a purifying system – I’ll cover UV and charcoal systems separately
  • Never take water for granted



One response to “Reasons to Love Drinking Water…

  1. I recently embarked on weight-loss quest a few weeks ago and drinking more water has been key. Thank you for this very imfomative way to get even more water into my system! I agree with you totally in that it has made my body feel SO much better! Now, I’m going to read your older posts for more great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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