Listen…Do you have Food Allergies?

It’s hard not to sound like a negative Nelly when you’re knee deep in studies of environmental and biological toxicity.   One of my “missions” is to uncover the true causes of major medical conditions that have reached epidemic proportions.  While environmental toxins are big on my hit list, diet still astounds me the most.  How something so basic, so primal can fall so far off the rails is truly mind-boggling.

I find it difficult to watch modern medicine steam roll ahead finding more ways to patch up our society’s conditions.

Amphetamines or even liposuction to handle obesity, stronger painkillers to sever the communication between the body and mind, sedatives for insomniacs and the list goes on.  I’m frustrated by the blind trust we give the governing bodies that regulate our food sources and those that are responsible for our air and water quality.  Our standards of measuring what’s “ok” have accelerated towards risks of death.  This for me, presents a huge problem.  Clearing a food item from being a direct cause of cancer doesn’t make it safe.

Many of the foods and substances we ingest are harmful in ways that affect our quality of life.  I spend a lot of time focusing on substances that cause cancer, diabetes and hormonal issues, but the reality is that the most widespread effects of food toxins are experienced every day in smaller installments.  I’ve heard countless stories of people having life long symptoms such as coughing attacks, severe headaches, lethargy, gastrointestinal issues and swelling.  These symptoms are often treated with painkillers, antacids, powerful cough syrups and other medicines.  In the case of lethargy, people often turn to caffeine or other stimulants for temporary relief. Usually, within 12 hours, the symptoms subside and credit is given to the medication for managing the pain or discomfort.

But, when for one reason or another these individuals are introduced to preventative medicine (often by fluke) like naturopathic doctors or homeopathic doctors, they are assessed for food sensitivities only to discover that they’ve been ingesting highly allergenic foods for their entire lives.  These people are given a new lease on life.  They now know not to eat strawberries or cheese or whatever the roots of their issues are.  They are more than cured of their pain, they are made aware, re-aligned and re-connected with their bodies.

It’s important to note that we are all “allergic” to pesticides, herbicides and toxins that are floating around in our foods and air.  While this allergy may not kill us “right away”, it can seriously compromise our quality of life.

Here are some suggestions to help you determine if you may have food sensitivities:

  • Do a cleanse diet for at least 7 days – preferably flushing the liver to insure the burden of processing toxins is reduced.
  • Go organic – remember we’re all allergic to pesticides!  Give yourself a fighting chance by eliminating them as a priority.
  • Keep a journal of what you’re eating and note how you feel shortly afterwards.  Pay close attention to symptoms like headaches, lethargy, stomach aches, bloating, coughing and mucous build up in the mouth as a result of eating.
  • Avoid caffeine for a few weeks so that you can get a true measure of lethargy rather than getting your yo-yo cycle mixed up with true allergic reaction.
  • Drink plenty of water to help flush through your system.
  • See a naturopathic doctor to get tested for food allergies – you might be amazed at what you discover.

Eliminating foods that are allergenic from your diet can change your life.  Imagine forgetting what it’s like to have a headache or to be able to work through a day with out seriously needing a nap after every lunch.  I get the food coma thing but I’ve learned that these comas are unnecessary – there’s clean food out there.

Just listen to yourself…


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